Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trips out of town: One good reason for living

I suppose with the upcoming holidays, I haven't had time to start getting excited about the fact that we're going to the inauguration in January. Yes! We have a pair of lovely friends, Roger & Vivian, who we hung out with a bit before they relocated to D.C. in the late summer, with the usual "If you ever want to visit, just call..." and, in this case, we did. Shameless, huh? But they're sweetasses and even though they're being invaded by several friends that weekend, they told us to come on as well, so we will. Today I started my research of food in the area, which is Priority One for me when visiting a new city. So far, my major discovery is Ben's Chili Bowl (whose site, for some reason, my work browser won't allow me to visit, declaring it "Malicious," WTF). Behold!

I feel the rarity in which I eat sulfide-ridden hot dogs robs me of any shame that might be attached to the act. I love tube steak, I have to admit. I get particularly excited when I realize a special devoted to unique and/or extraordinarily popular hot dog joints is airing on television, and I watch them again and again. Hopefully Mr. Dill and I will have the time to someday crisscross the nation eating the best dogs it has to offer.

The last time I visited Washington, D.C. I was on a 6th grade field trip, which would've been approximately 1993, and all us kids wore those hideous shiny track suits that were so popular in that era. I remember having a purple one that I wore with a matching Mickey Mouse baseball cap from Wal-Mart; I had a looooong (Pentecostal length, mind you) spiral perm and VERY fat face. I wish I had pics to scan, I really do... I'd feel like I was telling you a very special secret if I showed you 6th grade Amanda. Anyway, we visited all the monuments but all anyone cared about was getting back to the hotel so we could go swimming in the pool. Except for me, who was a) chubby & self-conscious; b) not a good swimmer. I still have a "Cherry Blossoms of Washington D.C." shot glass that I bought as a memento, being unaware that it was meant for booze consumption. Oh, the charm of naivete!

ETA: If y'all have any good restaurant or any other recommendations for D.C., let me know. We'll be there a few days before the inauguration. I'm hellbent on getting a visit to at least one Smithsonian in.


BetteDavisLies said...

How in the world did you get inauguration tickets? How fun! I have an irreverent guide to D.C. if you'd like to borrow it. There are some good/cheap food ideas in there.

BetteDavisLies said...

P.S. Dusty is a member of the Smithsonian. Hehe.. He has a membership card.

Amanda said...

Oh, we don't have tickets, but the National Mall is open to the public so we'll just mill around with the gazillion other peeps.

ashley la rouge said...

There is an incredible Chinese place downtown that makes their own lo-mein is incredible. And a pizza place in Adam's Morgan with slices of amazing pizza bigger than your head. Amsterdam Falafel has a great falafel bar and twice fried fries. Umm...this bar in Adam's Morgan called the Common Share has great free food and it's a really cool spot. OH and you absolofuckinglutely have to go to Dukem. It has the most amazing Ethiopian food and is totally worth the wait, which there will probably be. I have never seen more beautiful women in my life serving such a amazing food, no, not even at Hooters. Will can tell you more about those first two places.

ashley la rouge said...

Five Guys is a great burger joint too. Can you tell I travel for food?

theogeo said...

We will have to rendezvous at some point, lady, at one of these fine eating establishments or culturally enriching museums.

I haven't heard from the ticket people yet. Whose tires do I need to shank?


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