Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ow, ow, ow: The pain of nature

TMI if you can't handle menstrual talk. I'm talking to you, single dudes. (The other night at the potluck, it was confirmed that men in realtionships can handle period talk much more easily when a group of ladies somehow brought up the P word and after 3 minutes, the only men left in the room were Matthew and Zach's step-dad, Bill).

So, I am experiencing my first period off the pill (technically the ring). It hurts like hell. I am someone who never, ever got cramps and I've been hunched over my desk all morning, sweating and swearing while my uterus feels like it's being folded in half, and then in half again, and then in half again. And again. This is shitty. I think I must have been that lucky, lucky person who experienced the best hormonal birth control had to offer -- no depression or weight gain, clearer skin, and no fucked up periods. I keep trying to figure out via the internet what's been really going on all these years of my life when I've been bleeding despite the fact that I haven't ovulated in 10 freaking years, but I'm too much of a dummy that can't grasp science to figure it out, other than the fact that my body is apparently now going back to its natural state. Which apparently includes the kind of pain that makes me want to curl up in the nook of the couch with a stack of recent tabloids and eat cream puffs.

I did sign up on this website, My Monthly Cycles, which helps you track your periods. It is pretty interesting to me, since I bought and browsed Taking Charge of Your Fertility last year, but decided it wasn't time to go off birth control when a discussion with my mother regarding the rhythm method resulted in her saying, "That's for Catholics, Amanda. Don't do that unless you want to have a baby." Also, I wasn't sure I was smart enough to chart my cervical fluid & other symptoms daily.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Cramps.

A completely on-topic link: My Beautiful Cervix. Midwife-in-training, with the help of an industrious boyfriend who owns a headlamp, photographed her cervix for every day of her cycle. I like this website because it enabled me to show B that everytime some seemingly odd substance comes out of my vagina, I'm not sick. Except that time with the salamander. KIDDING!

Even though it hurts, I'm really enjoying the idea that my body is slowly getting back to the way it's supposed to be.


schmutzfynk said...

eventually, you sort of come to revel in the ebb and flow of your body. the extreme throbbing pain will subside somewhat after your body flushes out alllll of the hormones. you're basically detoxing right now.

and for your pleasure, a woman who makes paintings using the menstrual blood she collects in moon cups:


theogeo said...

I tried looking at that My Beautiful Cervix thing but couldn't handle it. I'm a certified cervixphobe. I nearly couldn't make it through the parts of Bonk that were cervix-centric. Not sure why.

Anyway, I've never been on hormonal birth control, so it's really interesting to hear about the effects of coming off of it. I hope it gets much less painful for you, but I know that there are some got a brick swimming around in there. Ah, life.

theogeo said...

HAHAHAHA, I am not drunk, I swear.

I meant to say "there are some months when I would swear I've got a brick swimming around in there."


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