Friday, February 13, 2009

High School Reunion Hell !?!?!1!

I know I just posted a blog, and I usually don't do this, but this is a different topic. Therefore = different posting. Plus, I wanted to solicit some responses with this one.

I logged onto Myspace the other day and saw a bulletin from one of my classmates from high school soliciting ideas for our 10 year class reunion, which will take place this summer. I have actually thought about this fact occasionally throughout the past year, and I am still completely undecided as to whether or not I want to attend. Is it weird to think about it this much? Now, I didn't have a horrendous high school experience, and actually a very ice group of ladies who I graduated with came to our wedding this past summer. See exhibit A.

I wasn't a big stoner; I didn't drink a lot in high school. I wasn't particularly popular. I was pretty much a weirdo, but not as much of a weirdo as people who wore Marilyn Manson t-shirts and pierced their own noses. I have one really tight group of girlfriends, and we stayed friends for years, off and on; now, for me, the majority of those relationships are switched to "off." Except for Chrystal, who is as weird and funny as ever, and remains "the bridge I never burned."

I just don't know if I really want to see all those people again, though! I mean, I think it would be really weird, and I have the sneaking suspicion that years of weed abuse have erased some people's names and memories from my poor pitiful brain. And it seems like 10-15 minutes of "oh, hello, there you are, how are you, what have you been doing?" would be enough but an entire evening would be... pushing it.

So, if you'd be so kind, I'd like to survey your reunion experiences. If you don't mind. There was a 5 year reunion, but that was definitely too soon, and I didn't go. I've never done this before. And if you've never been to one, tell me why. Are you planning on going to any upcoming ones? I need your thoughts, friends!


Randal Cooper said...

I skipped my 20-year reunion last year because 1. I was doing a show at the time, and 2. It seemed like a "make lots of money for the reunion company" scam.

When it's ridiculously easy via Facebook etc. to reconnect with the old friends it seems odd to mark a special occasion where you have to see everyone--including the folks you'd rather not.

My $0.02, worth precisely that much.

(On the other hand, the emails and what-have-you surrounding the reunion made me discover that a high school friend had been living in Memphis for the past dozen or so years, and although we run in similar circles we'd not realized it. We're having some fun getting reacquainted now even though she set me up on a blind date with a crazy woman. And not the good crazy.)

Bette said...

My ten-year reunion is next year, and I'm going for sure. No, I don't really give two fucks about half of their lives, but the way I see it is I didn't do too awful bad for myself, so I might as well show up for the entertainment, i.e., seeing those who did f' it all up.

You should go. You look hot, and you have a cute husband. That's reason enough in my opinion.

schmutzfynk said...

my ten year is also next year. and i am definitely NOT going. i had the least amount of fun in high school than at any other point in my life.

plus, thanks to facebook, i know that most of my former classmates are still wearing polo shirts and hating fags. so no thanks.

there is a small part of me that wants to go because i am twice as hot and three times as interesting and confident.... but vanity and ego-stroking are not enough to make me drive to baton rouge and spend hours of my life being bored with stupid stories about kids and real estate.

theogeo said...

My 10-year is next year as well. I'm leaning toward not going, but my morbid curiosity might get the best of me. I think if Tamara would come down and we could get drunk and go together, it would be a good time.

After all, I really need to go and 'fess up about that horrible anonymous newsletter I put out. Hoo boy.

I think you should go to yours. At the very least, you'll get an amusing story out of it.

Do they have it at the high school? Or off-site so they can truck in some booze?

simon said...

i didn't go to mine because it was Eighty Freaking Dollars at a steak house. i mean, really people? all the flesh and booze you need to get through an evening with people you don't remember, and if you did, it probably wasn't for a very good reason. the only reason i wanted to go was to see if the girls that i slept with in high school were gay. i asked my friend that went, and no, they're all married. and not in a gay way. not that you can't sleep with me and then get married, but, nobody was out waving the pride flag as far as i could find out.

i think reunions are made for people who are actually happy in their post-high school lives in a way that makes sense to the rest of the world, for people that have a serious grudge, or for people who thought that high school was the best time of their life and therefore still know everyone from high school and the reunion is basically just like hanging out with your friends.

my sister is the in first and third category. she went and had a great time and got to show off her incredibly cute pictures of her husband, baby and dog to everyone she's already facebook friends with anyway.

i am in the second group, and also in the under-employed vegetarian group, so there was no way in hell.

also, this was my vision of what would happen:

someone: so what have you been up to the past 10 years?

me: well, i had a sex change, but i still look the same. it's a little hard to explain.

someone: um...

me: i can suggest some books to read if you like.

someone: um...

yeah. no thanks.

don't mean to rain on your parade, but i'm just telling you what was going through my head then.

Chrystal M. Smith said...

I'm so proud we never burned bridges. The key, of course, is months upon months of uncommunication and never having to feel bad about it.

Now, onto the reunion business. I will be going, of course. I hope to lose a shitload of weight first (just to feel comofortable in my skin). But, my God, why does it have to be in the summer? What would be wrong with a nice October or November reunion?

Leslie said...

My 10-year reunion is this year. I think it will be in October, which is kind of sweet because then I'll be allowed to wear more clothing to cover up these fat bumps I have. I have it set in my mind that I will go, but I tend to back out of a lot of things last minute, so we'll see. I think I'm over with being a petty misanthrope, so I hope to be pleasantly surprised when everyone doesn't turn out to be the asshole I remembered them being. By the way, don't think that I'm at all fearless in this endeavor because I will probably get drunk before I even arrive. And if my husband goes, I'll probably just steer every conversation toward him and how great and successful he is, so they won't even know that I'm a failure and that the speech about growing into successful young adults I gave at graduation was bullshit.


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