Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can't Title Now, Must Pee

I was just listening to a particular Gillian Welch song, "Wrecking Ball," to be exact, that reminds me of the sore, sensitive end of a relationship that I shall not speak of in any detail. Even though I was the one who weaseled my way out of it, when I hear this song, I always think of a day when I was driving to work (down the highway from Murfreesboro to Smyrna, to be exact), and I heard it and my face crumpled up and approximately 3 hot wet tears escaped down my cheeks. That was pretty much all I could muster; I'm not trying to be cold, but lots of times if I am blue about something, I will have these bouts of near-crying, usually while driving my car. It's just enough crying to make you look ugly, not near enough to make you experience any sort of relief. I can no longer seperate the idea of what I look like when the cry is breaking from this:

Claire Danes, you are an ugly crier.

And this lady has noticed, too.

I have been having some pretty decent times lately. This little lady scampered into my life:

She is pretty damned awesome, and growing like a weed. Her name is Lucy, and I am sorry if we are Facebook friends and you are having to see these for the tenth time. I am slacking on my new puppy photography. Everybody is in love with her except for the cats, and they hate my stinkin' guts for bringing her into the house.

I had a lovely weekend with some really good old friends. We drank champagne and talked shit and went swimming, a little bit. The weather has been the most fantastically gorgeous thing that you could ever experience in Memphis, TN in July. I GOT COLD LAST NIGHT. YES, COLD. Keep in mind that we don't have any AC in our bedroom, only a fan. I was very happy that Mr. Dill was back from his bachelor mountain adventure.

Bachelor Mountain Adventure... if this was a reality show, what would the plot be? I imagine a diverse group of bachelors, from overly-groomed & coiffed slicksters with waxed eyebrows (oh God, I cannot handle that shit), to the kind of guys who you bought pot from in college, who only wear band t-shirts and live in houses in which the toilet hadn't been cleaned in 3 years. They're all doing challenges and co-habitating, and then they punch each other.

Excuse me, now I have to go buy tofu for dinner. B is detoxing from Bachelor Mountain Adventure. Apparently, they had beer and red meat for every meal.


Bette said...

I wish I had caught you earlier. I've been making the best tofu noodle soup. It is so easy, and the idea was born out of a desire to use up pantry/freezer items.

simon said...

oh god that's fucking cute. the dog's not so bad lookin either. ;)

i need to see your faces immediately, though i've resigned to the fact that 'immediately' may refer farther into the fall season rather than the hot sticky summer (of which we have not experienced at all here in chicago).

but i follow your blog religiously just because i miss y'all so damn much.

Chrystal M. Smith said...

I have only wanted Coors Light and bloody steaks lately. I haven't given in on the steaks, but I could stab myself in the eye for drinking a Coors Light every night.

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, I think of Claire Danes when I cry many times, for I am an ugly crier as well. So much so that I try not to let anyone see me crying. It was pretty bad last Christmas when I saw a string of cry fests. I had to lock myself in the bathroom.

I shouldn't mention it, but I'm seeing a pattern here with the Led Zep and Wrecking Ball. Whatever you do, don't make contact with this individual. That's just my two cents.

While I'm on a roll here telling you how to run your life, you should change Lucy's name to Animal.


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