Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Good Not to Post

Ok, I was looking at Ye Olde Google Analytics today and had to share this new collection of search terms entered that brought people to this blog.

First we've got the classics:
animal dicks
animal love nsfw
animals pussy breast milk sex video
beastiality/breast feeding animals

Then it gets personal:
amanda fucking animal

Then there's your random WTF shit:
look hot for high school reunion
ole long dick

orphans at christmas early hallmark
sexylady in zoo
smokey mountian kin vol 3

Eventually we get into WTFF(fuckity fuck) territory:
i must pee when i fuck
is there dog pee in coors light

And sometimes it's even a little bit poetic:
travel because of heartache
utube. ladysex


simon said...

i love the word 'ladysex'. other favorites:

and a magnet i got jesa once: "she knew she could control him with her irresistible lady parts"

Bette said...

I want to go to bat for ladysex. I want to touch base with ladysex. I want to dress really hot, so ladysex will think I'm worthy of second date.

schmutzfynk said...

don't forget the person unknown who found your blog by typing in my email address.... creepstyle.

dutchtroll said...

Definately too good not to post! i've used "ladylips" before.. which i've always considered rather sexy sounding.


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