Saturday, March 21, 2009

And I craved I ate hearts of sharks...

I've been getting ready for the wedding of the Radio Sweethearts today (which included defunktifying my feet... Lord God, they were scary!) but I took an internet break and came across this new Neko Case video. Because I believe in beating a musical dead horse by continuing to talk about NC on my blog, I'm posting it. At least Ashley will appreciate it. 

It's adorable!


Patricia said...

i too love neko case. her voice makes me feel like i'm riding on a train in the midwest and even though all i see is corn and blue skies, i'm filled with a knowing that it's all very beautiful. hmmm...sunday afternoon seems to have made me feel corny.

you might know about these guys - i only heard them the first time last week on npr. this video is pretty darn cute too. and the music is very beatles-esque. i hope you like it :-)


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