Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MZM 09

Another week, another post with pictures where my words should be.

Last Friday we went to the third annual Memphis Zombie Massacre downtown. Last year I was knee-deep in wedding preparations and couldn't make it. Since my husband is an avowed zombie enthusiast, and I am a fan of odd social happenings that are seemingly pointless, nonetheless compelling, we met at Handy Park after work and stood in line for a couple of hours in order to get zombiefied.

I haven't heard any kind of count, but I know there were at least a couple of hundred people there. Here's some highlights.

This guy was offering a zombie cure of some sort. It was odd because I recognized him from his blog, which I had just discovered that very day. I think he's pretty hilarious, and as I later told Lindsey, anyone who executes an idea like that must be at least one quarter amazing

Do you know what the deal is with this whole thing? You can either go dressed as a zombie or in old ratty street clothes with a duct tape X on them. When the zombies see folks marked with the X, they attack them and they get zombiefied. Which is incredibly fucking creepy the first few times you see it:

This zombie was my favorite. I was near him during nearly the entire thing, and he never broke character once. I was lying. This zombie is really my favorite.

I'll close with the loveliest of all images: Undead Lovin'.

Even more pics here & here, if you haven't seen enough fake blood and wounds yet.


Chrystal M. Smith said...

That looked like a lot of stinkin' fun. I love the picture with the Shriner in the background.

Brent Diggs said...

It was wonderful curing you. In fact I have video of the exact moment of your recovery at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHYbkVYVY_g

Will you be at the Memphis meetup next weekend?

Bette said...

Fun, fun, and fun! I love the photos, mam. I'm sure I did something equally enticing in my own special town--i.e., dodge the parking ticket lady downtown while I chilled at a Christian coffee shop disguised as a legit establishment.

simon said...



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