Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more clever than ever

When I was home this weekend, my mother cautioned me to look out for snakes when venturing out to her walking path. Tuesday in Overton Park, the thought to watch my feet didn't even cross my mind until, mid-run, I looked down to find myself just about to step on a small snake. Now, I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but when I saw it, I noted that it had a diamond-shaped, rather than rounded head, and some nugget of wisdom buried deep in my skull reminded me that this was a trait of a venemous snake, and sure enough, when I investigated on the internet, it seemed pretty certain that my little friend was a southern copperhead:

He was pretty ittybitty, I'd say 9" at most, but I felt pretty smart leaping over him in the nick of time. Apparently although I was surrounded by woods, it didn't occur to me that a snake might want to leave the comfort of leaves and dirt for pavement.

I am pretty excited for a weekend in which I do no travelling; I have been coming or going every weekend for the past month, it seems. The flea market is in town this weekend and I'm thinking of going and see how it compares to the big one in Nashville; also, I think we'll go see the new Batman. Summer's the only season I can really get behind the idea of seeing blockbusters; maybe it's just that 1 or 2 per year is all I need.

Tonight: chilled avocado soup & tomato sandwiches with basil mayo. Yum yum.


theogeo said...

I love the flea market here. Every time I go, I almost come home with widdle bitty puppy. Or a cage full of birds. Or a trash bag full of tacky jewelry. I think I might go on Sunday. Get a head start on my xmas shopping, hyuk!

Glad you didn't get attacked by a venomous snake, boo.

Amanda said...

That's so funny, I just sent you an email asking if you wanted to go together! We are so adorable.

PS Did you notice that it is definitely as hot as hell outside? Like real hell. Like Dante & shit.


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