Monday, August 25, 2008

Blood from his heart spilled out onto my dress and was warm

If my body's slow recovery is any indicator, My So-Called Drinking Game party was a rousing success. It is a very hilarious and intoxicating thing to do, but it has unfortunately clued me in to the fact that I just can't drink like this anymore. Over the past two months or so, anytime I have had a hangover, it's been a total body experience that last well into the next day and after being a complete lush and ignoring the obvious for all this time, I think I'm going to finally listen to my poor wrecked tummy and head and just take a little break. I mean, this is a beer hangover for God's sakes, it should not be so vicious. It is unfortunate that I must take a hiatus from my wino ways right after discovering the delight of this game, because it's a real crowdpleaser. Oh yeah, and high school? It's a battleground for your heart.

We're riding the Megabus to Chicago Thursday night to spend the long weekend with the adorable Simon Strikeback. His band was opening for the Indigo Girls the weekend we got married, so he couldn't come to the wedding. I don't know when I became the kind of person who gets so excited about exploring cities, but I'm really anticipating wandering Chicago with Simon & Brandon since the last time we were there, New Year's 2006, I got a huge blister on my heel and could barely limp. That's what you get for trying to be cute. Anyway, it's apparently swimming weather so maybe we'll hit up Lake Michigan? I'm sure we'll have some fantastic pizza, we did the last time. The crust of that Chicago-style pizza is like freaking pastry; tender and delicate. All my trip planning revolves around eating.

So, Neko Case is coming to Oxford, MS in September. I could not be more ecstatic. I love her.

Brandon has to go with me because no one I know really gives 2 shits about Neko; well, Simon does, actually, but he lives too far away for it to matter. B will have to suffer through it with me, unless I go alone, which is possible. He does not care for her "suicide music."

Best phrase I've heard all day: "Enigmatic scats," used to describe mystery poop that may or may not come from the ass of Bigfoot.


dave said...

i think the intensity and duration of everyone's hangovers (yours, amy's, mine) has a lot more to do with the time frame in which we ingested said beverages versus our innate ability to handle them. granted, we're all getting older and can't bounce back like we used to, but don't go making any grand declarations that i will gladly hold you accountable for the next time we're wasted, marbles.

that being said, i'm going to go tuck my hair behind my ears while wearing plaid, leaning against the wall having an inner monologue while someone refers to me by my last name and pushes me into a locker. feel free to do whatever you wish in response to that.

oh ps also sorry - total party foul, not so much for leaving the snack food lying all over the place (i'm sure you guys figured out something to do with all that) but moreso for leaving that picture in the fridge...i have no fucking idea why i did that, it seemed like a good idea at the time. don't throw it away or anything, i actually want it back, considering half of it's stuck to my shirt now. brilliant

BetteDavisLies said...

I totally want to do Jordan Catalano. I'm sad I missed your 90s fun, but teacher couldn't drink before the first day of school. As for Neko, I'm interested in her music if not so well-versed. Let me know if you need a back-up travel buddy.

theogeo said...

I had an awesome time, kids. I was happy that my hangover came in the form of a daylong bout of mental retardation and not headaches and liquor shits.

What a great fucking show.

Amanda said...

D, I'm not going to start going to meetings or anything, I just have to take a little hiatus is all. I'll always be your drunkenly marble mouthed friend, I'm sure of it.

L, I would love it if you were interested in going with me. It's 9/25, not sure if I mentioned that. I would buy your ticket & everything. Also, we should go have dinner some night with the Memphis blog peeps, now that you're back in town 3x a week.

L2, I had an awesome time too! The last thing I can remember (and this required some help) is Brandon sleeping in your lap. Have an excellent trip, honey!

schmutzfynk said...

i, for my part, have never heard much neko case, but if it comes down to the wire and you don't want to go alone, i'm always interested in adventure.

lake michigan is going to be colder than you ever thought water could be without freezing, i don't care if it is 90 outside. but the pizza thing, i'm jealous. i love pizza. all food really. you need to get some chicago style soul food while you're there. to contrast and compare.

i think you're in my head. get out!

BetteDavisLies said...

Just a quick note: A dinner with the blogosphere pals would be nice. I'm free next Wednesday if you'd like to set something up. I'm here MWF, but Monday is Labor Day and Fridays I go home to my man since we don't see each other all week. No need to buy my ticket for Neko, but I see that it is on a Thursday night, which isn't usually so good for me. I have to teach early Friday morning. That sucks cause I really wanted to go, and maybe take a bunch of us sad music loving women down there.


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