Friday, August 22, 2008

Lord, hold my tongue, guide my thoughts

I'm not dead; I've just spent the week first relishing the return of my long-lost, long-limbed Californiated husband, then attending two days of orientation at UT, all the while trying to adjust to a big transition at work. This was capped off by a LOVELY pelvic exam this morning, not by aforementioned husband, but rather by a nurse practitioner named Seraphine. She was very nice, by the way, and provided me with exceptional care as well as 12 more months of security against an embryo taking hold in my all-too hospitable uterus. Thank you, Women's Physician Group of Memphis.

After the first 30 minutes of graduate school, I was disappointed to find out that although they have been validated by their GRE scores and essays and transcripts, a lot of my fellow students found it necessary to complain over the unexpected administration of a 30 minute standardized test gauging our critical thinking skills. I didn't know I was so mature until I found this so incredibly annoying. Of course, the possibility that I am just always pouncing at the chance to be incredibly annoyed, especially at people whose presence in my life I cannot control, is a matter to be considered.

I am at once afraid and excited about grad school. It will be hard, I think. I was rather shocked to discover that one of my syllabi was 29 printed pages. But I am very hopeful that it will give me a chance to prove that I am capable of succeeding at school, something I never did @ MTSU, partly because I didn't see the use of any of it, and partly because it's hard to do assigned readings when you have a rather phallic pink Graffix bong surgically attached to your face. Anyway, it's all kind of a big deal and I'm going to have to learn a lot of complicated things, that's my point. Also, I had to have a TB test and glory to the heavens, I found out I will not be going down like Doc Holliday.

Have a good weekend y'all.


schmutzfynk said...

if i could have skipped the utter meaninglessness of nudergrad school and jumped straight into the actual higher learning areas of education, i'd have six ph.d's

i don't know why i was so disheartened to learn that college was not at all different from highschool, but i was. it put a sour taste in my mouth. plus, the 'professor's' were dumb as bricks or too high and mighty to do anything but monotone recitations of information, not to mention the fact that i never was able to take more than two or three classes i actually wanted to take due to ridiculous prerequisites. (why must i learn about frontier history, which does nothing so much as perpetuate lies and stereotypes, in order to learn about the templars and assassins?) i refuse to take part in their money mongering pseudo-intellectual bullshit excuse for an education...

but now i'm getting crazy. i apologize, that was uncalled for.


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