Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breastmilk: Better than mangoes??

OK, without any hint of judgement, I am going to post this. You might pretend you aren't going to watch this, but you really will.


"I'd rather have lots of breast milk than a million melons."

All right, so I'm really pro-breastfeeding. I plan on breastfeeding our children, when/if we have them, for at least a year. But boy oh boy, eight! Wowee zowee. There's an infamous story in our family about my great-grandmother Keeton's youngest brother; there were lots of kids in that family, and you know back in the day the idea was that if you continued to breastfeed, it would act as birth control. Apparently all the Keetons were pretty fucking hilarious, and one of the older brothers taught the youngest to ask to nurse in a rather rude way. One day their mother had some company over -- I'm sure they were sitting in the parlor -- and the youngest son came in and said to his mother, "Goddammit, maw, give me some titty."


schmutzfynk said...

dear god is that ever terrifying. can you imagine being out at a restaurant or a movie and looking to your left and seeing an eight year old nuzzling up under her mother's shirt for 'dessert'?

i've known people that believed the same thing, about children deciding for themselves when to cease breastfeeding. i think i might send them this video so they can fully picture the absolute horror. i mean, i'm all for breastfeeding, formula smells weird and it seems oddly vain and cold to not breastfeed your kids. but holy hell, there's a definite moment when you just have to say, 'you're old enough to eat a steak, get away from my boobies'.


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